Did you know that the estimated fans of table tennis around the world are equal to the estimated fans of both Basketball and American Football combined?

Fans of table tennis are estimated to be equal to 850 million. Half of them are probably Chinese but that’s not the point here. The point is that table tennis as surprising as it may sound is insanely popular.

So why is table tennis that popular?

I will try to answer this question throughout the rest of this article. There are many explanations that can be related to history and other global factors. However, I’ll focus only on the reasons that make sense from the individual’s point of view.

Benefits Of Table Tennis

Here below are 7 benefits of table tennis that I do believe will convince you not only to get a regular table tennis table but to look for the best ping pong table out there.

Let’s get down to it then.

1.  It’s a LOT of fun

benefits of table tennis - It's fun

There’s no better argument than this. Table tennis provides an amazingly entertaining experience that you can’t simply get anywhere else.

That thrilling feeling you get while playing thanks to the adrenaline flowing in your body is something worth experiencing regularly. That’s why everybody loves ping pong.

You probably have already experienced that feeling, so there’s not much to say here. You know this is as much as I do.