One of the richest professional poker players, Andrew Feldman was born on July 16, 1987, in Watford. This English poker player has an estimated net worth of $10 Million which he accumulated through poker tournament winnings and other ventures. At the age of 18, Andrew was introduced to poker by his brother. He started playing online poker and he could find that his earnings grew rapidly.

Soon, his occasional play converted into a full-fledged addiction. He started by playing in live Sit and Go tournaments before moving to cash games. He created a bankroll by playing short-handed cash games after which he decided to play full-time poker.

Andrew Feldman Net Worth-UPDATED 2018

Andrew could win a large amount of money from his daily online poker activities but ended up losing all that he had earned after a bad gambling week. His parents tried to convince him to rejoin school and complete the study. He tried to focus on studies while attending Gambler’s Anonymous meetings but soon gave up school. He again went to play poker and earned back all the money he had lost and even more. He received sponsorship from Full Tilt Poker.

Andrew Feldman Net Worth

Major Achievements & Tournaments

Starting from 2007, Andrew Feldman tried his luck at various poker tournaments and live poker, winning some of the biggest cashes and scores. He won $800,000 across numerous high stakes poker tournaments. As of 2012, his accumulated poker tournament earnings was about $1,029,358. He was named as the youngest UK professional in Full Tilt Poker. His most notable winnings include,

  • High roller event at the second annual Full Tilt Cyprus Classic (2010) in Kyrenia for a prize of $124,402. 
  • High-roller heads-up WSOPE (2010) winning him a prize money of £96,212 
  • UK Open event (2007) in Maidstone for a prize of $250,000

The biggest achievement of this young poker player was winning the 2007 UK Open IV for a prize money of $250,000. He has earned $505,429 out of cashes won at EPT and WSOP. The recent winning of Andrew Feldman was in 2012 at the Red Dragon Event in Macau where he finished at 52nd place receiving prize money of $2,837. He has been off the professional poker grid after this.

Documentary, Reality TV & Other Activities

Apart from professional poker, Andrew Feldman participated in a number of activities to build his personal brand and image. He also appeared on a BBC documentary that featured Luke Schwartz. This documentary focused on gambling and poker addiction. This documentary shows how Feldman made a lot of money through gambling and how intensely he was addicted.

Feldman made an appearance on a reality TV show ‘The Secret Millionaire’ channel 4. In this series, millionaires participate in a swap that sees them working for charitable causes. Later, they are revealed to be wealthy people. Feldman is quite popular for his rivalry with Luke Schwartz, a fellow professional with whom he had clashed on the television.

Andrew Feldman Net Worth-Assets & Lifestyle

Based on various sources, it seems that Feldman, at this time, does not possess the earnings he had during the peak years of his poker career. He does not lead a millionaire lifestyle anymore, and there are rumors that he has moved to Australia for further studies.

His reappearance in the poker scene would turn out to be quite controversial and hence it is difficult to acquire details of his current wealth.

The estimated Andrew Feldman Net Worth stands at $10 million includes his stocks, properties, luxury goods, homes, and airplanes. Feldman was proud to have made the money the way he did. At a time when his friends were still thinking of what to do in life, he had made enough not to have to work again.

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