An American professional poker player and author, Annie Duke Net Worth stands at $8 Million making her one of the richest poker players in the world. Born in Concord, New Hampshire in 1965 to academic parents, Annie started playing cards with her siblings and parents right from a young age.

Her brother Howard Lederer is a professional poker player too. She graduated in psychology and English from Columbia and pursued Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She married Ben Duke in 1992 and had four children before they divorced in 2004.

Annie Duke Net Worth-UPDATED 2018

It was at the age of 22 that Annie Duke first played Texas Hold’em in a local casino. She used to play at Las Vegas casinos whenever she visited her brother while in her graduate school. In 1992, her brother inspired her to play professional poker and sent her some money, poker instruction books, and guidance. With his help, she started playing poker at a local bar which had a legal poker room.

annie duke net worth

Later, she played in Montana after which her brother convinced her to participate in the World Series of Poker tournaments in Las Vegas in 1994. She went onto win $70,000 within the first month and decided to pursue a professional poker career moving to Las Vegas.

Major Achievements & Tournaments

In the 2000 World Series of Poker Tournaments, Duke was 10th out of 512 players creating a history of the second-highest finish by a woman in that event. From that year onwards, she started gaining fame for her high-profile achievements in WSOP events.

In the 2004 Omaha Hi-Lo Split tournament, Duke placed first out of 234 entrants to receive a WSOP gold bracelet. By this time, she had become the top female winner in the WSOP history by earning more than $650,000 from poker tournaments.

Again in 2004, Duke finished 1st in the WSOP Tournament of Champions winning $2 million by beating ten former world championship winners including her brother.

In the WSOP of 2006, she finished in the 88th place, winning $51,129.

Duke won $500,000 at the National Heads-Up Poker Championship to become the first and the only female winner of the event ending in 2013.

As in 2017, the total winnings of Annie Duke from WSOP tournaments sum up to $1,166,567. The total lifetime live tournament earnings of Duke exceed $4,270,000.

Teaching, Books, DVDs & Other Activities

Though much of Annie Duke’s net worth has accumulated from poker winnings, she has also earned a lot of money and fame through other ventures and activities. She has served on the World Series of Poker Player Advisory Council and has taught at the WSOP Poker Academy. She has also coached many celebrities about how to play poker.

Duke co-founded the Epic Poker League which sponsored three poker tournaments, raising more than $125,000 for charity purpose. Duke was also a popular and successful author and has written various instructional books and DVDs on strategies of professional poker. In 2005, she launched a variety of poker products in collaboration with ESPN.

Annie Duke also wrote her autobiography which was published in 2005. She also performed for a storytelling organization and became a featured storyteller for a storytelling tour across the Southern part of the United States in 2013.

Duke was highly interested in charity and undertook numerous ventures to raise funds for needy people. She also founded many non-profit organizations. She played many charitable tournaments to benefit poor children and families.

In the 2000s, Annie Duke produced few television shows based on her own life and her poker success. She has made appearances in many television shows and won the second place in the reality show ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in 2009.

Duke has managed to turn her Poker success and winnings into a strong brand, and no longer depends on prize money to make a living, a model which most professional players follow. If you’ve liked this article please do share it on Facebook and Pin it on Pinterest for others to see.