Last Update October 12th, 2017 The Ballon D’or, translated as “Golden Ball” from French, is the Nobel Peace Prize for soccer players. It is the most prestigious award that a soccer player could obtain. It is awarded to the best performing player on the field for the past twelve months. The Ballon d’Or was originally created by “France Football”, a French magazine, in 1956. Later, in 2010, The Ballon d’Or coalesced with the FIFA World Player of The Year Award, to form the “FIFA Ballon d’Or”. Unfortunately, this year onwards, France Football has decided to disassociate with FIFA and retain the title to itself, thus reverting itself to just the “Ballon d’Or”. Here are a few details regarding the Ballon d’Or ceremony for this year.

Ballon d’Or Ceremony-2017

The following are the details of the Ballon d’Or ceremony for this year and its other details.

Ballon d’Or 2017

Ballon d'Or ceremony 2017

The Ballon d’Or ceremony for the year 2017 is set to appear soon now. Only a couple of anxious months to wait for before people can finally stop arguing over whether Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo will be taking the title this year. Or will it be someone else?

Date: The Ballon d’Or ceremony will take place in the month of January 2018.

Time: It will be held at 8 AM PST.

Venue: The venue hasn’t yet been disclosed but rumors have it that it would be held in London, UK.

During the reign of FIFA, a 3 player final shortlist was let out, from which the Ballon d’Or was revealed in an extravagant ceremony. But this year onwards, it is a 30 player shortlist, from which the Ballon d’Or would be revealed. The 30 players nominee list has already come out, and you can go through it on our other article titled “Ballon d’Or Nominees And Winner Predictions – 2017” in which we’ve given out a comprehensive background of the title along with the list of nominees and our predictions.

Ballon d’Or Ceremony (2017)-Time & Schedule

Ballon d’Or Ceremony (2017) - Time & Schedule

There is still not much data on the exact venue which will hold the ceremony, but one that we’re sure about is that, it will take place during the 1st or 2nd week of January 2018.

Press Conferences Live: 13:00 UK Time – 08:00 ET

The Red Carpet Live: 15:30 UK Time – 10.30 ET

Ballon d’Or Gala commences: 17:30 UK Time – 12:30 ET

How to follow the Live Coverage Online

How to follow the Live coverage Online - Ballon d'Or Ceremony 2017

SkySports 1 HD: They will be giving out the live broadcast of the event starting with the Press Conferences at 13:00 UK Time. They’ll be giving out coverage to all of UK.

Eurosport: They’ll be giving out live coverage of the event in several European Countries, including the UK.

FoxSoccer Plus: They’ll be broadcasting the events live for the United States audience. The live streams can be viewed at their website

FIFA’s Official Youtube Channel: However, the best possible means for you to view the live coverage is straight from the horses’ mouth, as they say. That is, you can view it directly through the FIFA Youtube Channel, as they’ll be broadcasting the events live for the whole world to see. Just follow this link when the time comes

Alright, so that’s pretty much all you need to know about the Ceremony. Well, I’m sure that’s not all you need to know, but unfortunately, due to their tendency to build buzz by keeping things under wrap, that’s about all we know for now. So let us know which of the events you’re most excited about, and don’t forget to go to our article about the predictions and cast your own Online lot about whether you stand with Ronaldo, Messi, or some other dark horse potential winner. We’d love to hear from you!