Over the years trading cards have become increasingly valuable. That is actually quite the understatement. Sports trading cards have become a helluva valuable collectors’ items. Baseball, especially boasts some of the most valuable cards out there, with people paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for just one piece of cardboard. And hence it has become important to understand the factors influencing the baseball card valuation.

The thing is that baseball as a sport has been around for centuries, and baseball cards have been around for decades now. And you know how things become more valuable with age. Well, not everything, for example, you shouldn’t get any ideas of trying to sell your shitty 5-year-old laptop for anything other than scrap price. But collectible items do gain a lot of value. That’s what some of these cards have become.

Several factors like the person it represents, its condition, age, etc have led to their prices skyrocketing. And in fact, some have started collecting rare baseball cards as investment items. Yup, you don’t need gold coins for some smart investment, all you need is that piece of cardboard you probably had as a child and is now collecting dust in some box somewhere. However, to truly get value for your cards you need to be well aware of their details, the factors that give the baseball card valuation a spike, and how to sell it to the right people.

5 Factors For Baseball Card Valuation

So here’s a couple of factors that you can and should keep in mind when trying to determine the baseball card valuation.

#1.  Team Affiliation

Baseball Card Valuation-Team affiliation

This feels like a natural determining factor for the baseball card valuation. People can get really devoted to their sports teams. During a sporting event, if you go to a mixed bar, you’d generally find several really heated arguments flaring around cursing down the opposing team. These arguments sometimes even take the forms of fist fights!

So yeah, people are quite possessive about their favored sporting teams. As such it is natural that that vehemence would seep into the world of Baseball cards as well and contribute in determining their worth. Generally speaking, teams like New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox would be far more valuable than teams like Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates. This is because they occupy two opposite ends of the popularity chart.