#2.  Where the Card is being Sold

Location -Baseball Card Valuation

This also feels like a natural addition to this. People may feel a sense of loyalty to their favored teams. But the states that the teams represent generally feel very territorially about their particular teams as they are representations of who they are as a people. It drives a sense of competition in which the people of that geographic location can feel pride in their victory, almost as if it’s their own.

They then love to taunt people from the states of the opposing teams because they can feel a sense of accomplishment as a community. As such the sports cards for a particular team would naturally be highest in that particular state, out of a sense of kinship. To give an example, the Texas Rangers’ young star Chris Davis went on a home run hitting tear and was promoted to the Majors. As a result of this, his card prices naturally shot up exponentially. But they were highest in the state of Texas as the dealers there experienced almost an unprecedented demand.

#3.  Condition Of Card

Condition -Baseball Card Valuation

This is one of the most important factors in the valuation of the card, perhaps even more so than the previously mentioned factors. Cards that are old and still manage to be in Mint Condition can sell for insanely high values.

However, if the card has a slight scratch, dent, bend, etc, then the value can fall tremendously, almost taking a cliff dive. This doesn’t mean that the card becomes worthless, not necessarily. If the card is still rare enough then it can still retain a high value. But even so, the value would be a lot lower than it would be if it were in mint condition.