For those who really care for their sport, choosing the right equipment can be quite the daunting process. If you put in hours and hours of grueling training every single day, then you should make sure that the shoes you wear should be ideally suited to you so that not a single iota of your efforts go to waste. When it comes to basketball, shoes are perhaps the assets you should be most careful about. It is not enough to simply get the ‘best’ shoe available in the market, if there really is such a thing, because different shoes come with different specifications and you have to personally gauge which is the best basketball shoes that compliment your physical characteristics and skills and if you’re on a budget then the price too.

For example, taller basketball players are suggested to use shoes with more of a cushion; the padding of the shoes also affects your movements; the outsole is important for the grip of your shoes out on the court, and these are just some of the factors you should consider while buying the good basketball shoes. So we’ve done most of the work for you and we’ve compiled a list of shoes ideally suited for different people.

10 Best Basketball Shoes Ever-2017

Here is the list of the 10 best performance basketball shoes ever based on their performances.

#1.  Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Women’s Basketball shoes-$106

Best Basketball Shoes - Nike

These shoes are great for a variety of players and come with some really great features that make it an ideal buy. It’s made of a combination of synthetic and mesh materials which makes it really light and durable, even for regular players.

The soles of the shoes provide great traction on any sort of court. Another aspect where this shoe prevails is the comfort, as it comes with a midsole padding. It also has a molded heel counter which makes it suitable for all feet types, be it broad or narrow.