Paintball has become quite an attractive sport over the years. There might be a multitude of reasons for it. For example, episodes of the popular TV series “The Big Bang Theory” and “Community” dedicated wholly to Paintball are said to have really sparked an interest in the game from people who didn’t know of it before. Add to that the fact that the terrains to enjoy paintball has been getting increasingly difficult to scale, and often is an accurate representation of the terrain that one may find in a war zone. These things have moved the sport away from the realm of kids in a single room firing past crates, and has made it a popular sport for adults. This status has further been helped because of the availability of some of the best paintball guns and pellets which are increasingly painful and on contact with naked skin may even leave a discernible mark.

This is why people these days need to wear protective gear to play Paintball. However, while most people use rented guns to enjoy the game, its status as a proper sport has increased the availability of paintball pistols for sale as well. These may get quite expensive and each of these comes with their own unique features suitable for different frequencies, terrains, etc.

10 Best Paintball Guns In The World

So here’s a list of 10 of the best paintball guns in the world right now, in no particular order.

#10. Empire Sniper-$380

Best Paintball Guns -Empire Sniper

This is a tournament grade weapon from Empire, and it comes with great balance which makes it easier to take precise shots. It can also withstand different kinds of weathers.

These can easily be re-cocked even as you point and aim, thus comes in handy and may save you from being disqualified. It has 3 Barrel inserts of  .675, .680, .685. Amongst the higher end professional guns, this is actually not too expensive.