#3.  DLX LUXE 2.0-$1200

DLX LUXE 2.0 -Paintball pistols

This is quite an expensive model but is universally lauded as one of the best paintball guns in the market. However, it is mostly useful for those who are veterans of paintball.

It offers smooth cycling and longer batter usage as well. It can also quite easily be programed by the lay man, and the grip features an LED screen which makes it even easier to handle.

#2.  Spyder Fenix-$150

Spyder Fenix - Best Paintball Guns

The Spyder Fenix uses compressed air and carbon dioxide for air and as a result is quite the silent gun, facilitating stealth. It comes with the feature of Break Beam Eyes, which means that it can be loaded up with paintballs through the feed neck itself.

However, it fires when the paintball goes in between the eyes. It is extremely easy to handle and the bolt comes with a quick release if you need to take the gun apart to clean it, before assembling it again.

#1.  Empire Vanquish-$1500

Empire Vanquish - Best Paintball Guns

This is not only one of the most expensive guns in the market but also one of the best. It can be connected to external devices in order to update its settings easily an it has temperature settings and regulators which can be accessed even in the midst of a battle.

It is also extremely accurate and easy to handle.

So these are some of the best paintball guns in the market right now. Do let us know down in the comments section which one of the best paintball gun most takes your fancy, and if you’re a veteran in the paintball sport do you recommend some other guns that we’ve neglected to mention? We’d love to hear from you.

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