Soccer is popular worldwide, with millions of fans tuning in to watch every day. These sporting events pack stadiums all over the world. When you talk about the stars of soccer, the attacking soccer positions seem to get all the glory and excitement. But here, we’ve covered everything on soccer positioning, with a glimpse at some of the biggest and best players in each of the positions.

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Soccer Positioning And The Best Players in Each Position

Soccer Positioning

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Goalie-Manuel Neuer

In the position of Soccer Goalie one has to prevent the opponent from scoring, encourage the team mates, direct the defensive line and organize attacks. This is a critical position to be on guard always and a single mistake may end up losing the match. The Person in this position should be of a great personality and should have ability to infect the teammates and his own self confidence.

Goalie Soccer Positioning- Manuel Neuer

Neuer plays for Bayern Munich as a goalkeeper. They call him a “sweeper keeper” because of his great speed and style. He’s vice-captain of the Bayern Munich team and captain of the German national team.
Neuer and the German national team won the FIFA World Cup in 2014! He’s known for his accurate control of the ball and long throwing range. As of today, Neuer has a broken foot and will be out of soccer for a year.