Snooker is a cool entertaining sport which requires a tremendous amount of skill, analytical ability and strategy to play. It falls under the branch of cue sports and requires an incredible amount of training as well.  Though Tactical thinkers, technical wizards, and cool, calm players have all succeeded in this sport, it’s a great time to look back over some of the best snooker players of all time.

There are many snooker players around the world that have a chance of getting on this list, but the five below are some of the greatest Snooker Players to ever play the game thanks to their unique styles and overall tactical gameplay.

Top 5 Best Snooker Players In The Last Decade

#1 Ronnie O’Sullivan-English Professional Snooker Player

Ronnie O’Sullivan - One Among The Top Snooker Players

To some people, Ronnie is one of the most arrogant players to ever play the game, but to others, he is the reason why snooker has gained much more popularity over the years. Ronnie has everything from great break building skills to amazing safety knowledge, and it’s going to take someone really special to be able to come anywhere close to Ronnie’s skillset.

The Rocket is one of those players that you can rely on to do something special every time he plays. If he isn’t making maximum 147 breaks, then he is making amazing safety shots that only he has the ability to play.

#2 Stephen Hendry-Scottish Former Professional Snooker Player

Stephen Hendry - Best Snooker Player

Many people think Stephen Hendry is a bit of a big head and a sore loser, and while that may be the opinion of some people, he is still one of the best snooker players to ever play the game. He has many records in the game that remain unmatched, has won many tournaments, and even though he is now retired, he will still go on to be remembered as one of the best break building players the game has ever seen.

#3 John Higgins-Scottish Professional Snooker Player

John Higgins - Professional Snooker Player

John Higgins isn’t a big fan favorite these days after he was banned from the sport after being convicted of corruption, and throwing frames away for gamblers to earn money just so he could profit some money himself. With that being said, John Higgins possesses great snooker playing abilities and is one of the top players of recent years. What’s great about John is that not only is he a quality player, but he is also very consistent in everything he does, which is why he has won many tournaments in his snooker career.

#4 Paul Hunter-English Professional Snooker Player

Paul Hunter - One Among The Best Snooker Players

Paul died of cancer in 2006 but he makes this list purely because he was a class act and is probably the only player that could have competed with Ronnie O’Sullivan in terms of skillset and attacking ability. Paul Hunter was a genius when it came to snooker, and his attacking mentality is what put the fear into a lot of his opponents. He will always be remembered as one of the only few players that have a great attitude, was very friendly, and was also named the “Beckham of the baize”.

#5 Mark Selby-English Professional Snooker Player

Mark Selby - Top Snooker Player

Mark Selby is still playing great snooker to date, and even though he has lost some of his confidence which helped win him the masters and world championship a couple of years ago, he is still a threat to any opponent he plays against. He has a great attitude to succeed, and he puts in a lot of time when practicing, which has ultimately made him one of the world’s number one snooker players in the last decade.

You could also look at players such as Neil Robertson, Marco Fu, Judd Trump, Ding Junhui, and many others to make this list, but the ones above are truly some of the snooker greats that will continue to be some of the best snooker players in the world for years to come.

There are many tournaments every year now and while the world rankings suggest differently, these are still players that have proven to be greats over the years. If you fancy having a bet on some of the latest snooker matches, have a look at the Betway Info page by TBO to see if you can find some promotions to take advantage of that will give you more profit.