A goalkeeper plays an important role in a soccer team. He can save or lose the game. One of the things that a goalkeeper has but other members of the team do not have are the goalkeeper gloves. This is used to hold the ball in order to save goals from the opponent team. Hence it is utmost important to give the best pair of gloves for the goalkeeper of your team. You do not want the gloves to fall half way through a match. Neither do you want to lose a match simply because your goalkeeper doesn’t have the best soccer goalkeeper gloves!

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Tips To Select Soccer Goalie Gloves

Every team has to get the best soccer goalie gloves for the goalkeeper of their team. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting gloves.

  • Size – No matter how good the gloves are, even if it is the best it will not be help at all if it is not bought in the correct size. So always be sure to measure the palm of the goalkeeper in order to get the perfect match. Even if buying for yourself ensure to have the measurements in prior.
  • Grip – The grip of the glove is a critical factor when choosing the proper pair. Wear the glove and be familiar with it. Materials can vary from glove to glove. Wear them and inspect how the grip is. It is also better if you can check how the grip holds on in the rain and conditions as such.
  • Finger protection – High-quality goalkeeper gloves comes with a form of plastic spines which protects the finger from bending excess. There are different kinds of spines, namely stiff and flexible spines. You should wear the gloves and inspect its finger protection and select one which you feel is comfortable and safe.

Following are some instructions to follow when hoping to buy the best soccer goalkeeper gloves.

  • Identify your needs and what exactly you want from your gloves. Whether it be the comfort, competitiveness or protection there is a glove to fulfill each and every need of yours.
  • Check the internet or relevant places for reviews of the gloves especially from professionals in the field.
  • Measure your hands as accurately as possible.
  • Make sure you pay close attentions to important features of the gloves such as finger protection and the grip as explained above.
  • Once the gloves are bought follow the correct procedure of caring for them. The company will usually provide a list of aftercare instructions. Following them properly will ensure your gloves stay intact and usable for a longer period. It will also enhance the overall performance of the gloves.

Best Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Now that we know about how to select the perfect gloves and things to keep in mind during the process, we will have a look at the top 5 best soccer goalkeeper gloves in the world.

1.  Reusch Soccer Receptor Extra Goalkeeper Gloves-$170

best soccer goalkeeper gloves - reusch-soccer-receptor

Reusch is a well-known professional brand in the world of soccer. This goalkeeper glove uses unprocessed latex foams that ensure a high-quality product with a firm grip. The gloves are also easy to bends at the separators between the fingers. It can be closed to a perfect fit around the wrist due to its flexible wrist strap.

These gloves are comfortable to the hands and ensure the right protection for the wearer. The gloves fit perfectly and are great options for adults as well as children. Reusch also has a glove in the name of “Reusch Xosa or X1” which is also renowned as a good product providing some of the benefits in the receptor extra gloves such as finger protection and firm grip.