Americans love their sports, with nearly three-quarters of adults in the U.S. calling themselves sports fans, according to the Global Sports Media Consumption Report 2014. But what makes great or best sports towns in America? The fans, a rich history of sports, the number of teams, sports bars or a glittering new stadium?

Best Sports Towns in America

While the answer to that is obviously subjective, many would consider these to be America’s very best sports towns.

Best Sports Towns in America

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is one of only a dozen cities that host all four major sports leagues, and it’s one of just three with one team from every league playing within its city limits. It’s currently home to the

Super Bowl Champion Eagles, and also hosts the MLB Phillies, the NBA 76ers, the NHL Flyers and MLS Union. While fans have had to endure some tough times, they’re about as loyal as they come here.

5. Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is frequently named among the top sports cities in the U.S. The Chicago Cubs and their avid fans are continuing to bask in the team’s 2016 World Series win and the NHL Blackhawks captured the Stanley Cup three times in less than a decade. It was also home to Michael Jordan and the great Bulls teams of the 1990s, not to mention the NFL Bears, with their 1985 team considered among the best football teams of all time. And, we can’t forget the White Sox, the World Series Champion in 2005.

Fans here are extremely loyal to their teams, players and owners, standing by each other during the tough seasons, and their support is reciprocated.

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Steelers, founded in 1933, are the oldest team in the AFC and have six Super Bowl victories to their name, the most in the NFL. Having witnessed some of the greatest sports moments in history, it’s no surprise that Pittsburgh is one of the greatest sports towns.

While there is no NBA team, the Pirates keep fans busy during the baseball season and the Bruins with hockey during the winter months.

3. New York City, New York

A hub for all sports fans, New York City boasts an incredibly rich sports culture, home to two major league baseball teams, the Mets and the legendary Yankees, one of the most successful clubs in the world with 27 World Series Championships.

Fans can also catch a historic Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, follow the NHL’s Rangers and Islanders, and two NFL teams, the Jets and Giants. There’s pretty much always a local game going on here.

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has two NBA teams, the Clippers and the Lakers, who’ve had greats like Kareem, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant and countless others on their side.

Fans love their Dodgers, who’ve captured six World Series titles, while the NHL Kings have two Stanley Cups to their name. L.A. went for years without an NFL team, but today the city has two, the Rams and Chargers.

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is almost always ranked as America’s No. 1 sports city, though residents in other cities may disagree. During this century Beantown has won more championship titles in the big four pro sports than any other U.S. city – and, each of those teams has won at least one title.

The stadiums are always packed – the Red Sox set a record with its sellout streak at Fenway Park of 820 games. If you’re hoping to attend a New England Patriots’ game, you’re going to have a long wait – there’s a waiting list that’s said to have over 50,000 names. Of course, Boston is also home to the popular NBA Celtics who have the third-highest all-time NBA regular season win-loss record percentage, and the NHL Bruins who’ve won six Stanley Cups.