The World of wrestling is, and has been, dominated by men and testosterone, and displays of rugged masculinity. And it figures, especially considering aggression has always been taken as a primarily ‘masculine’ force, something to be revered in men but abhorred in women. Can you imagine the best women wrestlers be so rugged? As such, what is often sidelined or not focused on enough is that there are a lot of really good and strong and best women wrestlers out there.

However, these woman wrestlers have to be a lot better and work a lot harder than their male counterparts to get half as much acclaim. They hardly break it to the mainstream no matter how good they may be. However, some of these women have broken that glass ceiling and stand as living testament to the fact that women don’t have to be frail or dainty or pretty to get ahead in the world. Let us take a look at the Female wrestling list consisting of beauties who are tough-as-nails and could hold up well against any men of the world.

10 Best Women Wrestlers of All Time

These are some of the 10 best women wrestlers of all times.

#10. Stacy Keibler-American Wrestler

Best Women Wrestlers

This prodigy started her wrestling career at just the age of 19 while also attending school full time. Talk about dedication right! Her launch pad was as the WCW Nitro Girl. In the WCW universe, she continued on as a cheerleader and a valet under the pen name Miss Hancock.

When WCW was sold over to WWE she joined that as well and stayed on as a Valet, occasionally winning the spotlight and being able to enter the rink. She soon became an unstoppable force, a manager who handled. The Hurricane and Scott Steiner, and even an occasional in-ring competitor. She became quite the diva in her own rights, fighting the likes of Gail Kim and Jillian Hill.

#9.  Sensational Sherri Martel-American Wrestler

Sensational Sherri Martel -female wrestlers

Most of her career was spent at AWA where she wrestled with others like Candi Devine and Madusa Micelli. Her style was truly no-holds-barred as she kicked them in the head or ripped their hair off.

Her WWE debut came about in 1987 when she defeated her very own mentor the Fabulous Moolah and won the Women’s Title. With a WWE Women’s championships and three AWA Women’s championship, she was soon included in the Hall of Fame in 2006.