The king of martial arts, Bruce Lee was born in what is named the dragon hour, between 6 AM – 8 AM on the 27th of November, 1940. There is hardly anyone who does not know this legend. He has made such an impact on the world of martial arts that every child looks up to him and wants to know all Bruce Lee Facts and be like him. It’s his enormous talent and skill that made him so popular.

A humble man in nature, his skills were honed by his mentor Yip Man. Bruce Lee showed a lot of compassion towards the sport from his early ages. To everyone’s grief, he passed away too soon only at the age of 32. Nevertheless, his name shines up to this day and his moves are followed by many in the combat sports and martial arts fields.

Unknown And Interesting Bruce Lee Facts

We all know Bruce Lee as the Macho Man. The fighter. The legend. There are also other Bruce Lee facts other than his fame in sports that would take you by surprise. Here we find out 10 interesting facts about Bruce Lee you probably did not know till date.

1.  His movies were played in slow motion due to his speed

Bruce lee moves - facts about bruce lee

His actions were so fast that his fans will not be able to gather all his moves from watching his movies. As a results his movies were all played in slow motion. This gave ample time for his fans to inspect his moves and try to learn his skills and replicate them.

Watching his movies no one would have guessed that this man needs to slow down for others to actually see what he is doing.