Charlotte Flair Net Worth (UPDATED 2018) – The daughter of Rick Flair, the successful wrestler, Charlotte Flair is a professional American wrestler known in the world of WWE just like her father. She was born in 1986 and began her pro wrestling career at a young age of 13. This diva was signed with WWE in 2012 and made a debut in 2013 under the brand named NXT. She won the NXT women’s championship title.

In 2015, Flair won the WWE Divas Championship and was given the inaugural WWE Raw Women Championship title in 2016. These achievements brought her the fame and attention she deserved. Her match against Sasha Banks got her featured as a woman to headline the pay per view event. By the end of 2016, Flair was titled as the World Top female wrestler and Women of the Year. This boosted her value and she receives an annual salary of $300,000 currently.

Charlotte Flair Net Worth – Highest Paid WWE Divas – UPDATED 2018

Charlotte Flair Net Worth

I want to be the best, I don’t like being second.

– Charlotte Flair

This female pro wrestler has a promising talent which brought to her the Rookie of the Year award by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Being the daughter of Hall of Famer, she knows how to gain exposure in public. She is one of the biggest female WWE stars.

She has earned stardom by working in WCW and giving three hard years of workouts in NXT. The superstar Charlotte Flair Net Worth is estimated at $1.5 million and lives a luxurious life. She is also considered to be the queen of the pay per view which adds up to her net worth that comes mainly from her huge salary.

Flair has also developed a video game character in WWE 2K17. She has also appeared in films and shows like Psych: The Movie and The Legacy of Ric Flair.

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