The richest professional poker player in the world, Dan ‘Blitz’ Bilzerian is probably the most popular social media celebrity. Known by the name ‘King of Instagram’ by followers, Bilzerian uses social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to show off his extravagant lifestyle. Dan Bilzerian Net Worth is estimated at $150+ Million.

Bilzerian is famous for his lavish and luxurious lifestyle, driving custom-made vehicles, shooting in deserts, enjoying holidays and surrounded by naked models. He has created a playboy image of himself by making sure that the world sees what he does.

But what is important here is how he got so wealthy to afford such a lifestyle. One of the most successful poker players, Dan Bilzerian is also an actor and a venture capitalist who has accumulated a net worth of about $150 million. He was born in Tampa, Florida on December 7, 1980. His father was a corporate raider and had made many investments and funds for his sons. Bilzerian was a Navy Seal trainee but failed to graduate. He then studied at the University of Florida but eventually, dropped-out to pursue a career in professional poker.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth-UPDATED 2018

Dan is a widely recognized poker player who entered the world of gambling after his father got imprisoned for charges of fraud related to tax and stock. Though his initial attempts did not turn out as expected, Dan did not give up. He flew to Las Vegas, sold his beloved guns and kept trying his hands at poker until he finally amassed his fortune.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

After getting some success, he returned to the university to study but kept playing cash games where he made up to $90,000 per week. He finally chose to devote full time to poker. At the age of 27, Bilzerian entered high-stake tournaments. He finished 180th and won $36,000 in the first tournament. His most successful tournament was the World Series of Poker 2009. In a recent tournament, he won $10.8 million from a single game of heads-up, no limit Hold’em. He flew to Mexico in a private jet to celebrate this victory immediately.

Bilzerian started betting big and entered the ‘nosebleed’ games to accumulate massive net worth he owns. He played high stake poker games against celebrities like Tobey Maguire and Mark Wahlberg. Dan says that he should not be considered among the best poker players. He just picks some of the most rewarding games to earn. Through poker tournaments, he has earned not only the major part of his net worth but also worldwide fame and recognition.

Social Media, Acting & Sponsorships

Though most of Bilzerian’s wealth comes from gambling, especially poker, other activities like acting, selling merchandise and receiving sponsorship deals have also contributed to his net worth.

As an actor and stuntman, Bilzerian worked in ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ and three other films ‘The Equalizer’, ‘The Other Woman’ and ‘Lone Survivor’. He has received many endorsements and earnings from selling merchandise in his name. Due to his charismatic personality, ESPN offered him plenty of screen-time and he got a sponsorship deal from Victory Poker, an online cardroom.

Bilzerian was voted as the ‘funniest poker player’ by Bluff Magazine in 2010. He also possesses trust funds in his name.

Personal Life

Bilzerian was motivated to share his everyday life on social media due to his notable wins. Soon, he got lots of followers and sponsorship deals. At present, Bilzerian has 1.35 million Twitter followers, 17.4 Instagram followers, and 10 million Facebook fans.

Dan Bilzerian lives in a house in the Hollywood Hills, California and often moves to Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to his lifestyle and drug abuse, he is reported to have suffered from multiple heart attacks before the age of 32.

His residence is luxurious, with a 270-degree view of the city, poker tables, a big pool and a garage for vehicles. He hosts parties often and posts them on social media. He also rents out expensive houses and condos when traveling. Dan owns many expensive cars, some custom-made and others sports cars. He has a chrome-plated 1965 Shelby Cobra with a ‘SUCK IT’ vanity plate. His Lamborghini Aventador has a vanity plate spelling ‘MR GOAT’, a tribute to his pet goat.

Recently, Dan ordered a custom-made truck Brabus which he enjoys boasting on Instagram. Dan loves combining his luxuries in the life – money, cars, guns, and girls.

‘The King of Instagram’ has made such a big fortune in the poker world and inspired youngsters all over through his social media activities. He has set an example for how easy one can become rich. His lavish lifestyle and controversies make him more popular. The ‘international playboy’ who spends recklessly on models, cars, guns and holidays, is undoubted, the richest poker-made millionaire in the world.

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