Professional Wrestlers often provide the general masses entertainment with a grand display of their rugged strength and physical capabilities. However, being so strong and constantly making use of that strength has a price to pay. The average life expectancy of professional wrestlers is in the early 80s, a full decade before those of the regular population. Furthermore, an astonishingly high number of these wrestlers end up biting the dust before they’ve even reached 55, that is to say, many deceased wrestlers die at the peak of their careers in their middle-age.

This is a worrying trend which could be a result of various factors. For many, it may be that the life of a Pro Wrestler constitutes more heavily of steroid and drug usage, alcohol consumption, etc as a means of coping with the physical and mental distress inflicted by their lifestyle, and many others may simply die from regular symptoms like a heart attack. However, even so, Pro wrestlers are more likely to suffer a heart attack than the general population because of their lifestyles. Let us take a look at few deceased professional wrestlers and cause of their death.

10 Deceased Wrestlers

So here’s a list of 10 deceased wrestlers who lived fast and unfortunately died young.

#1.  Dean Hart-Died at 36 years

Deceased Wrestlers -deceased professional wrestlers

The first one of the deceased wrestlers to the list is one of the brothers to the famous Owen Hart (who also died young.) He passed away at the young age of 36, back in the 21st of November, 1991.

He was an aspiring wrestler and had been a referee to several matches, but his career was tragically brought to nought after an ill-fated bus accident left him crippled. Even though he had the steel and inner grit to survive a bus collision, he couldn’t win the battle over his kidney disease which eventually claimed his life.