There was a time when we used to believe that one day we will reach such times and phases of the human civilization that the form of sports that was once played physically would enter a world that would somewhat be called the virtual stadiums and tournaments. Not even a hundred years later after  ZI- apparently the first functioning modern computer made by Konrad came to existence, here it is and that future is here.

We have pretty much stepped ahead in time just like a time machine wherein we have hundreds of thousands of gaming virtuality to choose from in front of us. The day and the world of Esports are here and it is surprising to say that yes something called a gaming disorder is also here wherein I believe it won’t be a big miracle to see gaming psychiatrists popping up in hundreds.

Yes and we can pretty much see the popularity of gaming increasing day by day wherein the popularity that has been gained is majorly by games that allow wide audiences and lets you play in real time with real people from around the world with games like league of legends, PubG, Fortnite etc. wherein a lot of players who have pretty much turned into professionals have turned it towards their money making source.

One such very famous person many of us especially the gaming fanatics,  might be aware of Faker from League of Legends.

Yes I know for those of you who are not gamers, the name might have confused you about what I am trying to say and probably would’ve given you wrong impressions about today’s writing.

Well, then why not start from the very beginning?

Basically League of Legends is one of the famous multiplayer games that was released in the year 2009 and started getting a lot of attention in the following year 2010 and the main reasons for it being popular among the people was it’s freemium working wherein there were no external purchases with real money that would put you on par with the rest of the players who did not purchase the features with cash. Though today it has developed few of the purchases which can lead you to access different tournaments and matches but hopefully these can still be gained while playing the match without investing any major money.

When speaking about this game, it would be a blunder mistake to forget the name that is so relatable to the game of League of Legends. Yes we are talking about none other than the guy who won endless titles since his expert introduction in February 2013, including three big showdowns, two Mid-Season Invitational titles, and different LCK territorial titles under the SKT flag, we are talking about the twenty-two-year-old Lee Sang Hyeok from the capital city of South Korea, Seoul.

Did you recognize him yet? If not then there are two ways, either you are not into gaming and hence not know of the king player or simply you probably know him better by the famous name he plays under ie – Faker as a player in the team of SK Telecom T1.

Personal Life

Lee Faker Sang Hyeok was born in the year 1996, on the seventh day of the third month according to the Georgian calendar standards i.e- the month of May. After researching on him, we found out that the professionally meticulous League of Legends player Lee was raised and brought up by his grandparents and his father and discovered the game in the year 2011 wherein he started to like the game and simply gained control over his fine play and developed lot of expert nature after some time.

As in childhood, he was always intrigued by puzzles and motion picture games which have improved drastically in the following years of spreading Esports. He is a high school dropout because he wanted to join the team SKT and has somewhat been a very successful choice of life for Lee.

Faker Net Worth

How Much Money Does Faker Make

Frankly speaking, it is only Lee himself and his bookkeeper who must be aware of the total earnings the player makes annually or Faker net worth but it won’t be a bad idea to guess and make estimations right?

The thing that we know for sure about his money department is that he has till now made up money in values that range around the figure of $1,169,713.35 which is pretty dope but surprisingly ranked only 52 among the highest paid virtual gamers of esports of today’s time.

All things considered, one ongoing report guaranteed that Faker was offered $2.5 million every year with SK Telecom T1 following their third big showdown win. There are little subtle elements of the brands that support Faker, yet we do have some thought of how much Faker makes from competition rewards. Be that as it may, as indicated by previous Starcraft proficient Hong “YellOw” Jin-ho, Faker is as of now gaining more than $4.6m consistently from his main compensation, sponsorship, and rewards.

It is thought of that he got a $2.5m base pay and earned $270,000 in prize cash a year ago, which means the rest of the $1.8m of Faker net worth originated from sponsorships and supports.

It is a hard to digest fact and pretty unbelievable to realize that Faker declined an offer of over $1,000,000 by a Chinese group on his liking and choice to remain in Korea on SKT. We can also additionally notice that he declined numerous offers from different Chinese organizations and sources.


Out of the numerous awards he received few of his recognized awards are which include both of his individual solos and his group participation are-

  • Pandora TV Champions League of Legends Winter 2013-2014 Best Player Award.
  • Pandora TV Winter Champions League of Legends 2013 to 2014 KDA Mid 1st Division
  • 2013 Republic of Korea e-sports destination League of Legends Most Valuable Player Award
  • Hot Six League of Legends Champions Summer 2013 Best Player Award
  • Hot Six League of Legends Champions Summer 2013 KDA Mid 1st Division
  • Republic of Korea 2015 e-sports destination of Legends League Popularity Award
  • 2015 Republic of Korea e-sports destination of Legends League this year’s Grand Prize
  • 2015 Republic of Korea e-sports destination of Legends League Most Valuable Player Award
  • 2016 World Championship Most Valuable Player.

So simply Faker has made more than $1,000,000 in his professional gaming vocation and gives us gaming goals to accomplish and get better at in the upcoming boosting years 9f Esports.