Gone are the days when people huddled close to the TV screens in their living rooms watching their favorite sports as a family. And come has the time of free live sports streaming websites. Nope, no one’s got the time for that anymore! Well, I personally fail to see how anyone ever had the time to slot TV regularly into their lives, how inconvenient! How did people ever survive without Streaming! The best way to follow sports, or any TV, now is to make use of sports Streaming sites which can be accessed from your Tablets, iPhones, whatever.

You could be taking the dump in the bathroom and still be watching tv, you could be in a metro and instead of getting bored or gasp reading a book, you could be watching tv! Standing in a long queue? No problem, just flick out that phone and get at it! Of course, you need a fast working internet connection to be able to do so, but that’s not really a problem anymore, is it? Nope.

10 Free Live Sports Streaming Websites

So, here’s a list of the 10 best free live sports streaming websites so that you can follow your favorite teams whenever, wherever, you hold the power.

#1.  FromHot-With Live Chat

Free Live Sports Streaming websites - FromHot

This is one of the greatest free live sports streaming websites in which you can follow the latest live events on the sports of your choice, be it Football, Cycling, Golf, Tennis, or some rad adventure sports. Another great aspect of this site is that the User Interface is extremely easy to follow and direct.

The home page features a list of all the ongoing live events and you can click on any and watch it live, whenever you want. It can also identify your time zone, and you also have the option to live chat with other people watching the same game as you, thus also fostering a great online community.