Successful golfers always have practices that help them to keep improving their experience. I believe you are reading this article because you want to become a successful golfer or improve your experience. Just like the star golfers, you too can become a golfing star. There are several things you can do to play like a pro golfer.

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From understanding that golf is a game of mental bravery to continuing practicing the basics, and always doing them the right way. We decided to help you get to the top. Below are the ten best practices for golf rangefinder.

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10 Best Practices For Using Golf Rangefinder

1. Visualize When Playing

Knowing that golf is a game of the mind can help you a lot when playing. If you have been practicing and taking basics into account, it will be easy to play with a picture in mind. Always visualize your game as you play. In every golfing game, ensure you have the exact picture of how you want the shot to go.

This includes visualizing the reaction of the ball when it finally lands. Using a golf rangefinder does not mean not focusing. In fact, visualization has been found to have a great impact on golf games by assisting you to concentrate on your shot. It does this by calming your mind so you can play.

2. Do Not Shake When Holding The Rangefinder

It is possible to panic when playing. But make a habit of remaining calm even when you know you are facing stiff competition. If you start panicking while holding the rangefinder, you are likely to lose focus and end up missing your shot.

If you find it hard to stay calm, you can apply breathing techniques so you can relax and hold the rangefinder steady.

3. Use The Right Rangefinder

The gadget you use to measure distance is very essential. If you are a beginner, it is easy to confuse or use a hunting rangefinder instead of golf rangefinder.

Though these two rangefinders work the same, the way they obtain the range of the target differs. Make a habit of using a golf rangefinder in every game.

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4. Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube has become a great tool for learning different skills. Golfers can now watch YouTube video tutorials and learn how to use golf rangefinders. Learning never ends.

Even if you are a pro, there may be new features that you don’t know how to use. Or there may be an advanced rangefinder that might help you improve the golf experience. Watching YouTube tutorials is one way to master the golf rangefinder.

5. Exercise Patience

Success does not come easily. You have to exercise patience in every step of the way. If you are expecting to become a pro overnight, then you are not ready to succeed. It takes some time to move from a beginner to a pro.

Even if you try twice, there is always another time to try using the features you have not mastered.

6. Perform Pre-Game Research

Even after you have mastered the rangefinder, there are times you will be playing at a new location where it can be hard to use your rangefinder.

Therefore, carry out some research early enough so you can understand the area and put the strategies in place of how you will use the rangefinder. This can help avoid having difficulty using the rangefinder when the game is ongoing.

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7. Refer To The Manual

It doesn’t matter the number of times you have read the manual. Make a habit of referring to the handbook in the event you forget anything. Many people do not take the manual seriously. Some prefer learning on their own. But it is important to read the manual instructions if you want to understand how to use the rangefinder without difficulty.

Most manuals have pictures attached that make it practical and easy to comprehend using the device. Always refer to the manual if there is anything you find hard before checking other sources.

8. Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice makes perfect, they say. Start by joining a golf course where you can practice how to use the rangefinder together with the professionals. However, if you can’t participate in a golf course, you can practice at broad locations. Use the manual as a guide.

When you miss the target, go back to the manual and see what you did wrong or should do. Keep in mind that starting with close objects helps you to gain the courage before targeting objects far away. Even if you are a pro, practicing every day improves your experience. So it is good to practice every day.

9. Extra Battery

Things may not always work as you want or planned. There are times when your rangefinder might run out of battery in the middle of the game. To avoid such annoying situations, it is necessary that you practice carry an extra battery for your rangefinder.

This can help in the case you need to replace your battery. It is always good to be prepared to face every situation.


10. Handle The Rangefinder Carefully

You need this device in every game. It is hence imperative to be careful when handling your rangefinder. If you damage it in the middle or after the game, you will be frustrated when playing. Even if it is not damaged completely, some functions may be affected causing it not to work well.

Keep in mind rangefinders are very delicate so practice proper handling and care. Always keep it safe when playing or after the game. This is one way of ensuring you get the most out of your golf rangefinder gadget.


Rangefinders have become a necessity for every golfer and the easiest way to play golf. Most of the gadgets are easy to handle and use. But you will not achieve success without performing these ten best practices for golf rangefinder.

Practice using the device every time and again so you can improve your experience and get the most out of it. With that, you will start enjoying the game like never before.