NBA originated in the pre-Civil Rights era of American History. As such, initially Basketball was played mostly by White Men, and black people existed only on the fringes as they did in most aspects of American Life at the time. It is astonishing to see how far the NBA has gotten since the olden NBA days. In fact, they started inducting major Black Players along with white basketball players into their teams and courts much before a lot of American society, and we can see the results of that.

NBA has grown to be one of the most inclusive, pan-American, pan-national, mat ethnically diverse sports out there. And this is also evident in the fact that amongst all American sports it has one of the largest followings on the international scale. However, sometimes a stereotype comes up that says that White Men can’t really play basketball well, or can’t play it in as entertaining a form as Black Men.

As such, this list aims to break that myth by displaying the great prowess of the greatest White basketball players, throughout history, in no particular order.

10 Greatest White Basketball Players

Here is a list of the greatest white basketball players to have ever played the NBA and their career stats.

#1.  “Pistol” Pete Maravich-24.2 PPG

pete-maravich -famous white basketball players

Maravich is known as one of the greatest white basketball players of all time. His winning streak started all the way from his youth, fostered by his father. During his college years with LSU, he averaged 44.2 ppg. And when he moved to NBA. He still managed to average 24 points per game which are quite an admirable feat.

Career Stats: 5-Time NBA All Star, Points: 15,948 (24.2 PPG), Rebounds 2,747 (4.2 RPG), Assists 3,563 (5.4 APG)