#2.  Diana Taurasi-20.7 PPG

diana-taurasi -famous white basketball players

As a high school player, she led the University of Connecticut to win the National Titles for three years in a row. She led the US Women’s team to victory in Athens, Greece. She’s been the most celebrated player from the Phoenix Mercury team of the WNBA, and she’s been a two-time champion. She is both a great team and a team player.

Career Stats: 5-Time WNBA All-Star, 2-Time WNBA Champion,  WNBA MVP, Points: 5,444 (20.7 PPG), Rebounds: 1,129 (4.3 RPG), Assists: 1,053 (4.0 APG)

#3.  Kevin McHale-17.9 PPG

kevin-mchale -best white basketball players

Regarded as one of the best 6th men in all NBA history. He was a part of a formidable triumvirate that included him, Robert Parish and Larry Bird. With Boston, he was a three-time NBA and remains one of the greatest Celtics players to have ever been.

Career Stats:  3-Time NBA Champion, 7-Time NBA All-Star, Points: 17,335 (17.9 PPG), Rebounds: 7,122 (7.3 RPG), Blocks: 1,689 (1.7 BPG)

#4.  John Stockton-13.1 PPG

Utah Jazz -best white basketball players

Although he wasn’t a recurring champion like many others in this list, he had a whopping 15,806 assists with an average of 10.5 assists every game. He has a place in the Hall of Fame and he was a part of the Dream Team which won a Gold Medal back in 1992 in Barcelona. In 1996 he made the list to one of the 50 greatest NBA Basketball players of all time.

Career Stats: 10-Time NBA All Star,  Points: 19,711 (13.1 PPG), Assists: 15,806 (10.5 APG), Steals: 3,265 (2.2 SPG)