#5.  Steve Nash-14.5 PPG

greatest white basketball players-steve-nash

He’s an 8-time NBA All-Star and one of the best point guards in the League. He’s supposed to now continue his winning streak with Los Angeles Lakers and is a-shoe-in for Hall of Fame glory. He is already one of the greatest Motors in NBA history and one of the few players in NBA history to win the MVP several times in a row.

Career Stats:  8-Time NBA All-Star, 2-Time NBA MVP, Points: 16,649 (14.5 PPG), Assists: 9,916 (8.6 APG), Steals: 862 (0.7 SPG)

#6.  Dirk Nowitzki-22.9 PPG

dirk-nowitzki -greatest white basketball players

A 7-foot defensive monster who can effortlessly claim a three-point shot, this German star has made a name for himself by winning an MVP in 2007 and taking Dallas Mavericks to their first victory in NBA.He is undoubtedly one amongst the greatest white basketball players.

Career Stats: NBA Champion, NBA MVP, 11-Time NBA All-Star, Points : 24,134 (22.9 PPG),  Rebounds: 8.734 (8.3 RPG), Assists: 2,791  (2.6 APG)

#7.  George Mikan-23.1 PPG

george-mikan -best white basketball players of all time

Having won the NBA championships four times in a period of 5 years playing for the Minneapolis Lakers, Mikan was something to look out for with his lean 6’10’’ build. He was athletic and extremely agile. Over his career, he could average 23 points and 13 rebounds. A consensus poll from 1950 had named him as the greatest player in Basketball over the half century.

Career Stats: 7-Time BAA/NBA/NBL Champion, NBL MVP, Points:  10,156 (23.1 PPG),  Rebounds : 4,167 (13.4 RPG), Assists:  1,245 (2.8 APG)