Last Update October 25th, 2017 – One of the biggest organizers of golf tournaments held in the United States, The PGA Tour is very important to the country. PGA Tour caddies are equally important as they are vital to the game and valued greatly. Being a PGA Tour caddy is associated with numerous advantages. Caddies can avail a fixed salary in addition to a portion of winnings of their player in the tournament. Though it is known that players in the PGA Tour bank big from the massive prize pool, many of us are unaware that caddies too collect a fair share of these winnings, here we identify the Highest Paid Caddies from the PGA Tour Money List.

A golf player might be the one working hard, but caddies play an important role too. They help the golfers with necessary analysis and guidance and hence get paid accordingly.

Highest Paid Caddies

A golfer hires a PGA Tour Caddy generally for the specific golf season. Often, this relationship between the player and his caddy is long-term and caddies often act as coaches. Regarding salary, a caddy enters into an arrangement with the player and gets a share of what the player wins from the tournament. Most caddies earn between $1000 to $1500 weekly, along with about 5 percent of the golfer’s winnings. Players ranked on the ‘Top 10’ and not winning give away 6-8 percent of their prize money to the caddies. This share can be as high as 10 percent for the winners.

Top 10 – Highest Paid Caddies – PGA Tour Money List

It is quite interesting to know which of the caddies earned the most in the last season. Here is a look at the top 10 highest paid caddies in the PGA Tour Money List – 2017.

1) J.P Fitzgerald – $1.65 Million

Highest Paid Caddies - J.P Fitzgerald (caddy), Rory McIlroy (golfer)
J.P Fitzgerald, Rory McIlroy

Serving Rory McIlroy as a caddy since 1998, J.P. Fitzgerald is the silent force behind the evolution of the young player from Northern Ireland into the top third golf player of the world. When McIlroy was preparing for the victory on the course, Fitzgerald was always by his side. They have together made a great team and worked quite hard and in this process, the caddy could earn $1.65 million in a year.

McIlroy has received more than $40 million as bonuses and prize money in the last three years and Fitzgerald share in the player’s winnings is what makes the caddy appear among the top paid PGA Tour caddies.