Last Update October 25th, 2017

10) Colin Swatton – $500,000

Colin Swatton (caddy) Jason Day (golfer)
Jason Day, Colin Swatton

Swatton is the silent force behind Jason Day’s victory and he earns as much as $1 million in a year. He is always beside the golf player who has achieved the position of the best player this year.

Caddies such as Swatton are silent motivators who make a difference standing behind players, and they generally get 8 to 10 percent of the golfer’s winnings in a match. Due to Day’s victories this year, it was easy for Swatton to get ranked among the top paid caddies list.

Swatton has been an important part of Day’s career for a long time, as confessed by the player at the PGA Championship in August. Day stated that Swatton led him from a kid to a winner by guiding him in the right direction.


We have listed the caddies according to the latest reports of their earnings. Though many consider golf as an individual sport, a good caddy can be one’s best coach and friend on the course. Whether it is about choosing the clubs, reading greens, a mid-game fix or encouraging the player, a caddy’s work is no less considerate.

Though caddies can sometimes earn as much as a top player, they are blamed when things go wrong. They are responsible for the performance and results at all the times. Moreover, since their earnings are commission-based, they drop for the players not in the top earner list.

While caddying for a top player is quite profitable it is difficult to make a living as a caddy with a player outside the top 100 with numerous expenses to deal with.