3. Zach Lavine – 46”

highest vertical jump ever - Zach Lavine

Making a recent addition to the highest vertical leap listing is the 6’5” player Zach Lavine who won the NBA Slam Dunk competition in 2015. Lavine is reported to have a vertical leap of 46” allowing him to have a significant hang time. This NBA player is a two-time Slam Dunk Contest winner and the fourth ever NBA athlete to win consecutive dunk contests. Drafted in 2014 by the Minnesota Timberwolves, Lavine became the fourth teenage player to record 20-points, a 10-assist game in NBA during the season of 2014-15.

Zach Lavine can be seen gliding through the air during his leaps if you watch any of the Minnesota’s games. He wows the crowd with his amazing dunks.

2. Michael Jordan – 46”

Michael Jordan - Highest Vertical Jumps

No discussion about vertical jump can ever be complete without mentioning Michael Jordan. Known popularly as ‘Air Jordan’ for his high leap ability, Jordan has revolutionized the dunk. Having won many MVP titles, numerous NBA championships playing for the Chicago Bulls and lots of Slam Dunk competitions, he is one of the most regarded dunkers in the history of NBA.

Popular for the elegant dunk from free throw line, Jordan’s vertical jump was recorded as high as 46” according to the University of North Carolina where athletes’ jumping abilities are tested. His standing vertical was tested to be 36” while his running vertical was close to 46”. His vertical with one hand dunk was noted at 41.7” and 40.93” with two hands. Jordan’s jumps are twenty inches higher than the NBA average.