For both male and females, exercising is an activity that has been encouraged, if you want to keep fit. When your job, therefore, directly means exercise, you will be at an advantage as reporting for work every day implies reporting for exercising, with all the attendant benefits including a fit and hot look. Golfing is one of such exercise and there are many fit and hot women golfers in the world. Golf is considered to be the sport of rich people.

There are lots of people who love this sport and that helps a lot. Many people are very confused about the rules and where to go and play this. A very important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to have a good facility around you for this. Many people have taken up this sport and have made a name for themselves and are growing each day. They have won many tournament and people thought this was a sport of men’s but things have got changed. This is also played by women’s and few have achieved great laurels. Here is a list of few hottest women golfers who might not be the best female golfers but still have made significant achievements in this field.

10 Hot Women Golfers

Here are 10 of such really hot women golfers.

#10. Paula Creamer-America

Hot Women Golfers-Paula Creamer

Paula Creamer is a beautiful golfer that has won 10 events and dominated LPGA. One amongst the hot women golfers, she has also made a lot of money from golfing. She has earned $11,492,473 from LPGA, putting her in the list of the top 10 all-time career money LPGA, at number 9.

She has won 12 tournaments which include 10 LPGA Events. She is a very popular golfer and that makes her also popular as a brand ambassador of many other companies. Women’s World Golf Rankings has once ranked her at position 2.

#9.  Paige Spiranac-America

Paige Spiranac-hot women golfers

If you have no prior knowledge about her and you are are seeing Paige fort the first time you could think she is one of the top 10 models in the world. She is quite confident about her looks and was on Golf Digest’s cover not too long ago. She has become very popular and people love to watch here game and that makes it liked by one and all.

She has become very popular and people love to watch here game and that makes it liked by one and all.