The world of professional football gives you everything you need as a sports fan – some of the world’s best athletes, strength, super skills, exciting results and clutch moves, heroes, and losers. But it also gives you one extra thing that some even consider being the NFL’s most important feature, its world-famous and hottest cheerleaders. Cheerleading gives fans additional joy when their football teams win, consolation when they lose and sometimes even overtake the show themselves being more interesting to watch than their football squads.

In this article, we will present you the best of the best, Top 10 hottest-NFL cheerleaders. And when we say hottest, we don’t mean to only praise their beauty but also all other things that make them so attractive – body language, style, and grace. For cheerleaders are not only pretty, they can be classy and elegant, smooth and stylish. So let’s see our Top 10 list:


10. Candace–Denver Broncos


Our list opener comes from Richfield, Ohio, and she has been with the Denver Broncos for about four years. She is, of course, beautiful but you can bet she can dance like a professional!

According to Candace, teammates are her second family and always know how to make her laugh. And you can see it while she is supporting her team, Candace is enjoying. Besides that, her advantage is that she can hang drywall, insulation and do roofing. Not bad at all.