Watching men playing volleyball is interesting but it is more fun to watch the women playing volleyball as many female volleyball players are extremely hot. Whether it be due to their genes or due to the toning of the body by playing volleyball, it is a well-known fact that female volleyball players are some of the hottest volleyball players ever.

Volleyball is fun and interesting game which is played indoors as well as outdoors. It could also be played on the beach which is then called beach volleyball. The sport comprises of two teams on either side of the volleyball net trying to land the ball on the opponent’s side whereas trying to block the ball from landing on your own side of the net. This is a game played equally among men and women. Volleyball is a sport played at the Olympic Games and there are also several volleyball championships played around the world.

10 Hottest Volleyball Players (Female)

So let us have a look at who are the top 10 hottest volleyball players as of the year 2017. These hot volleyball players are not only beautiful but equally talented in playing the game.

#10.  Sara Goller-Germany

Hottest Volleyball Players - Sara

Sara Goller is a German professional beach volleyball player who was born on the 21st of May 1984. At present, she is playing along with fellow volleyball player Laura Ludwig representing Hertha BSC. Not only is Goller extremely hot but she is also a very talented sportswoman.

She has won several competitions in the sport which includes the U20 European Championships, the U23 European Championships and many podium finishes at several other world tournaments. Goller and Ludwig together competed at the Summer Olympics in 2008 and 2012 where they finished 9th and were eliminated in the quarter-finals respectively.