Rugby is a difficult sport keep up with. Rugby Sevens is even harder! Just like rugby, Rugby Sevens is also played on a full size pitch. Unlike rugby however, the team comprises only of seven players which play halves up to just seven minutes; hence the name. Continue to read further to know more on what happening /happened during Rugby Sevens 2017.

HSBC World Rugby Sevens 2017

Rugby Sevens 2017

The month of April 2017 was huge for Rugby Sevens lovers in Hong Kong. The 3 day event held at the Hong Kong stadium saw huge crowds of people all rooting for their favorite rugby 7 team. 16 teams competed against each other in a series of 10 tournaments.

From the results that have pooled in so far people are already placing their bets on South Africa (since they are leading the series) as the team that is likely to be the rugby 7’s winner of this year. Other teams that are hot favorites this season are England and Fiji who are closely following South Africa’s lead. Fiji in particular holds the record of winning the championship 16 times which makes them the most successful team in the history of Hong Kong Sevens.

The fact that either of these teams could be the winner has made the game even more exciting. While we hold on to our seats and see which team ultimately gets crowned as the winner, here are some details about what it’s like attending a Hong Kong Sevens game.  Reading these details you will know just why this sporting event is no less than a carnival on its own.

The fact that Hong Kong has an entire Rugby Week prior to the official kick off is a testament to just how seriously this place takes this sport. From traditional dragon dances to concert performances and much more the Rugby Week packs a lot of entertainment.

Another cool thing about the Rugby 7’s is the attire! And the wackier they are, the better. To choose what to wear to the games you certainly have the option to design your outfit where you can wear customized clothing items to show love and support for your team. But if you are a true Rugby 7 fan and don’t mind experimenting you can dress yourself up in any bizarre outfit and be a true Rugby 7 traditionalist.

To say the least, the atmosphere that surrounds a Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2017 game is electrifying. The fact that these are the shorter versions of the original game everyone on the field and outside it is already operating on the lighting quick settings.

However, unlike an actual carnival the authorities responsible for making Rugby 7 a safe sporting event for everybody has rules in place that everyone must abide by. The rules are particularly strict in terms of alcohol consumption to keep the crowd from getting rowdy. If you plan on catching a Rugby 7 game ever in your future make sure to read up the rules.

The good news is that outside the stadium the city hosting the game is completely drenched in the carnival spirit and has no rules whatsoever. In fact several awesome after parties are also organised just so you can carry the excitement even after leaving the stadium.

With so much to offer there is no wonder why the tickets to attend the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2017 are extremely difficult!