#6.  Jordan was addicted to gambling

Was addicted to gambling - michael jordan facts

Michael Jordan was believed to have been highly addicted to the game of gambling. This was considered to be a lesser known darker side to him and lead to many controversial issues. At one point it was said that Jordan went to play baseball because he has been suspended from NBA due to his gambling activities.

He is often seen in casinos during early hours prior to his games. Jordan has known to have lost a lot of money gambling and is known to be of debt due to the same.

#5.  He had one of the most expensive divorces of all time

most expensive divorce -michael jordan facts

Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy divorced in 2006 with 3 children in their 17 years of marriage. It was said to have happened under mutual agreement. However, the divorce is said to be one of the most expensive celebrity divorce deal of all time with Juanita walking away with $168 million.

Not surprising to know that later on when Jordan married Yvette Prieto he had her sign a prenuptial agreement.

#4.  Jordan donated his first year Wizards salary to 9/11 relief efforts

philanthropist - michael jordan facts

The 9/11 disaster in America led many popular figures to extend their helping hand to the relief efforts in various ways. Jordan was also part of it as he announced to the world that he would be donating his full salary for the season to 9/11 relief efforts.

Jordan came out of retirement and joined the Wizards in the year 2001. His donation included $100,000 to help children who lost their parents from the disaster and $900,000 to other organization involved in the relief work.