#3.  The Forbes magazine announced Jordan had reached the billionaire status

The Forbes magazine -interesting facts about michael jordan

In June 2014, The Forbes Magazine announced to the world that the great NBA legend, Michael Jordan, has reached the billionaire status.

He was all ready to be one of the wealthiest athletes the world has ever seen. Tiger Woods is the only other athlete to be known reaching such heights financially.

#2.  In 1990, he wore #12 for a game

In 1990, he wore #12 for a game - interesting facts about michael jordan

One interesting facts about Michael Jordan is that #23 is known to be the number which Jordan used to wear on his jersey most of the time he played. However, there have been instances where he had to wear other numbers as well. In a game in 1990, Jordan was forced to wear a nameless #12 jersey due to the fact that his #23 jersey has been stolen from his locker prior to the game.

He has also worn #45 after returning from playing baseball, due to the fact that #23 had retired by that time. Most players from other sports are also seen to favor wearing #23 in their jerseys due to the fact of it being the jersey number of this great NBA player of all time.

#1.  Jordan hit 3 home runs in his baseball career

baseball career - interesting facts about michael jordan

Jordan had a short stint playing baseball after his first retirement from basketball. He playing baseball has become the butt of jokes for many.

However, he has left his mark in the game of baseball as well by hitting 3 home runs in his short career in the sport.

So these are some of the lesser known and interesting facts about Michael Jordan. We are sure many of his fans would not have known all of these interesting facts about Michael Jordan, but it is important to know these about your favorite NBA player. There may be more about this great athlete that we have not mentioned above. Do you know more about this legend? Do let us know more interesting facts about Michael Jordan by leaving your comments below.