Though the game of cricket is not so popular in the USA as in India, there is definitely a growth in the fan base after the T20 series and All-Stars matches held this year. Large crowds were seen flocking in to watch the India-West Indies match. This means that Indian Premiere League would attract groups of people living in the USA. These people do not get the facility of watching cricket matches on Hotstar or Television. Indians enjoy the luxury of viewing live matches on various sports channels along with the live streaming facility on Hotstar application. However, this is not the case with fans living in the US and hence there is a growing demand for IPL live streaming USA.

IPL attracts a huge fan base globally despite the small list of countries playing the game of cricket. Viewers from different parts of the world try to enjoy the big event using the live streaming facilities available for them. Hotstar streaming is limited to Indian users. But this does not mean cricket fans living in the USA have no way to watch live IPL. There are many services and websites that offer IPL Live Streaming for people living in the USA.

IPL Live Streaming

IPL Live Streaming USA

Here are some of the ways USA cricket fans can watch live IPL streaming:

With a right to broadcast 2017 IPL in the United States of America, Willow TV brings live coverage of the exciting match to the US viewers on digital platforms and television. US cricket fans can register for this service at a subscription of $15 per month without having to enter into any long term contract. The service offers live streaming on the website as well as many mobile phone applications that support Android and iOS. It also supports television platforms like XBOX, roku, and SmartTV. Streaming quality offered by this service is reliable and appealing.

IPL Live Streaming USA