An American BodyBuilder born in Renton, Washington on June 12, 1994, Jeff Seid is a 23 years old fitness model and personal trainer whose total net worth is about $1.5 million US dollars as recorded in 2017. At any early age of 5, Jeff started playing sports and this was his first step towards his legendary journey in bodybuilding. As he grew up playing various types of sports, he began realizing his physical strength and this compelled him to enhance his physique.

He trained for more than 11 years and built a great physique. Jeff Seid went to a local school in his hometown and during his high school, he talked about sports with his seniors and took part in every sport. He played for his high school football team too. Due to lack of financial support from his parents, Jeff Seid could not pursue a university or college degree. However, he decided to make a career in bodybuilding, which brought him much fame.

Jeff Seid Net WorthJeff Seid Net Worth

Considered to be the king of Aesthetics, Jeff Seid has been working as a personal trainer for some time and this has earned him some serious wealth. The total net worth of this 23 years old bodybuilder is around $1.5 million. He has declared that his yearly income from modeling, personal training, endorsements, and appearances are about $800,000.

Income Sources

Jeff Seid is considered to be one of the most popular bodybuilders in the United States. Not only did he achieve a lot of fame for his bodybuilding but also implemented other plans he made for himself. For many years, he was a model for magazines and earned a lot of wealth from it.

Jeff Said - source of income

Another good source of income for him was the reality show he hosted. He owns a youtube channel with more than 80,000 subscribers. He also earns from advertising products. His personal website shows simplified versions of exercises and he provides the training session and advises beginners at affordable prices here.

Jeff Seid Assets

Jeff Seid is regarded to be one of the youngest bodybuilders to have acquired so much fame and wealth in such a short span. It’s surprising to see that Jeff still stays with his parents, but in his defense, his parent’s house has a fully equipped gym and swimming pool, allowing him to reduce his training expenses.

Jeff Seid Achievements

The youngest IFBB Pro Bodybuilder in America at the age of 19, Jeff Seid moves forward with determination and drive to make a successful career in fitness. He catches attention across the world and is chosen as a host for reality shows.

As he retains a great physique, he is being called for television shows and interviews. He will enter the Mr. Olympia contest in future. Today, he cannot imagine his life without workouts and he plans to do it throughout the life.

Making Money As A Professional Bodybuilder

One of the most expensive sports, bodybuilding comes with the cost of nutrition, supplements, and food required to develop the physique. However, fitness lifestyle is nothing more than a hobby for most. Some take it little more seriously and opt for the bodybuilding as a full-time career option. Top bodybuilders make money from a variety of sources, some of which are mentioned below.

Prize Money

Winning cash prizes at bodybuilding contests is never sufficient to earn a living, but it is one of the primary things people think about when talking about the income of bodybuilders. However, this is an occasional bonus awarded to the best in the profession.

Winning prizes in competitions are great but bodybuilders don’t count on it. Even the top bodybuilders don’t depend on the prize money for their living.


For those who perform well at bodybuilding contests, there are companies who would like to sponsor them. Most often, these are the companies who want to launch their products in the target market using the bodybuilder’s image.

The target audience is usually fitness enthusiasts, so professional bodybuilders tend to have an appeal. Apart from fitness supplements, it can also include clothing, gym, energy drink and others.

Getting sponsorship is not an easy job. Many a time, the bodybuilders need to work hard for it as the competition is high. Building relationship with sponsors is a must. Some bodybuilders rely on this money for their living though the percentage is below 10% for the pros. The sponsorship can be something like an annual supply of their supplements.

Personal Training

Many bodybuilders choose to offer personal training to earn. However, this business greatly depends on the performance in the sport. The better you perform at the competitions, the more customers will come to you for training and the more you can earn by charging per session for training.

It is quite beneficial for a bodybuilder to work at gyms. He gets a better chance of networking and finding somebody who could help him progress in his career. It is possible to earn living through personal training.


Appearances and modeling can be a nice choice for generating some additional income. This does not make you rich until your brand becomes well-known. The number of bodybuilders making their living from modeling is low but higher than those who earn from sponsorship.

Contest Coaching

Just like personal training, being a contest coach provides a steady source of income which can be relied upon. To become successful contest coach, you need to perform better at your own shows so that you will be sought after by those who want to be as successful as you.

In order to become rich in the bodybuilding industry, you need to develop your personal brand. Making a well-known brand which people admire increases your chances of getting a steady stream of income.