Basketball is a popular game played worldwide amongst men and women. The National Basketball Associate, commonly known as NBA, is an elite league of basketball for men. It is one of the four important professional level basketball leagues and is not only popular in North America but around the world. Such a popular sport played in such an important league should, of course, attract thousands of spectators. Thereby it is important to have basketball arenas which could cater a huge crowd, and it wouldn’t be surprising that some of the largest NBA arenas do this job pretty easily.

There are NBA arenas around the world which could seat many a thousand spectators and ensure maximum comfort with ample view in order to enjoy the match. These NBA arenas could vary depending on the year of construction, seating capacity largeness is size etc.

10 Largest NBA Arenas In The World

Let us have a look at the top 10 largest NBA arenas in the world today based on the seating capacity. Here we go starting from the smallest out of the 10.

#10.  Oracle Arena–Seating capacity: 19, 596

Largest NBA Arenas - Oracle

The Oracle Arena is located in Oakland, California, United States. It was previously called The Arena in Oakland. This large NBA arena has a seating capacity of 19, 596 for basketball matches. Construction of the Oracle Arena started on the 15th of April, 1964. By November 9, 1996, the arena was opened to the public for watching matches.

The arena cost a total of $25 million for construction. Its architects were Skidmore and Owings and Merrill, and the Guy F. Atkinson Company worked as the Project manager for the arena.