Spending a whole day concentrated on a home run competition allows the fans to marvel at baseball’s elite players and it is fair to say all long home runs impresses the fans. These fans are either passionate or casual and home runs are most of the time placed in highlight packages. The longer the home run is, the more impressive they are to fans. Although, the home run measurements had always been imprecise. For past 10 years, the longest home runs ever measured was combined with a guesswork, exaggeration, estimation, and myth.

In 1953, Mickey Mantle hit a distance of 653 feet, and in 1960 hit 643 feet. There are other players who hit similar distances and they date back to 1880, but it is hard to prove them scientifically. Check out the list to find out who hit the top 10 best home runs (in MLB) of all time in baseball.

Top 10 Longest Home Runs Ever In MLB

A list of the top 10 longest home run in MLB history is as follows.

#1.  Cameron Rupp on July 10 hit 465 feet

Cameron Rupp on July 10 hit 465 feet - longest home runs

Cameron is known to be a large man with a height of 6’2″ weighing 260 pounds, with a beard. So far, 2016 is a highlight of the career of this Phillies catcher. He already acquired a career high with nine homers during the first half. In order to patch things together, and add a special dinger magic known in the Coors Field.

In order to patch things together, he added a special dinger magic in the Coors Field.