We’ve all been taught to revere sports since a very young age. We’ve been taught that it helps build team spirit, character, and helps you grow physically strong and learn to take a few risks. Most of us don’t carry that into adulthood, of course, but even so, most of us do still enjoy watching others play at various sports, be it adventure sports, wrestling or the safer options like table tennis. Tennis, Table Tennis, etc are the safe options with minimal risks and fatalities, however, there are truly some most dangerous sports out there that can even be life-threatening.

Take MMA example, one of the bloodiest and most dangerous sports to have come up in recent years in which the only rule is that the opponents have to beat each other into submission. This results in quite a few broken bones and cartilages, however, surprisingly enough it isn’t close to being the most dangerous sport in the world.

10 Most Dangerous Sports

So here’s a round-up of some of the most dangerous sports in the world (in no particular order) which go well beyond the risk of a few concussions, but still find plenty of spectators and participants due to the sheer adrenalin high and thrill they have to offer.

#1.  BASE Jumping-220 Deaths

Most Dangerous Sports-Base Jumping

One of the most dangerous sports- This is, in essence, parachuting, in which people hurl themselves off of incredible heights with nothing but a parachute to keep them from landing to their deaths. The BASE here is an acronym which stands for the four primary structures and heights off which people take that fatal leap — Building, Antenna, Span and Earth, i.e., Cliffs.

The parachute does offer safety however sometimes the force of the wind rushing through a person at such a height can be lethal, and it as been banned in several countries including the US. So far there have been about 220 deaths reported as a result of this, several of them because of crashing into obstacles such as mountains and power lines.