Baseball is a very popular sport in various parts of the world especially The United States of America. It is a common game among youngsters and is a fairly easy game to play not complex in nature. If you are a baseball fan you will know what baseball cards are. If you do not know, there is no need to worry as this article is all about baseball cards. Baseball cards are basically tickets being sold throughout different matches in history. The cards generally include the picture of a famous baseball player taking part in the match. The cards may also include signatures of the famous players they depict. Baseball cards are very expensive and it is considered as a hobby by most baseball lovers. Baseball cards have been produced in large numbers since the 1980’s and the most expensive baseball cards are some of the oldest too.

However, with the vast expansion and popularity of the internet, baseball cards are now less popular among fans. Therefore there are only a few people with such cards around the world today. There is a trend of deterioration in the collection of baseball cards. However, they still remain to be valuable and could be a huge hit like earlier any sooner or later.

10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Here we have come with the list of top 10 most valuable baseball cards ever sold in the history of the game.

#10. Eddie Plank: 1909–1911 T206 Sweet Caporal Cigarettes-$188,000

Eddie Plank - valuable baseball card

The first in the list of the most expensive baseball cards is that of Edward Steward Plank, also known as “Gettysburg Eddie” was a part of Philadelphia Athletics. He played as a pitcher for the team from 1901 to 1914.

Plank was one of the greatest left-handers of his days and he was the first ever to win 300 games. He ranks third in all-time wins amongst left-handed players with a total of 326 victories in his career. Eddie Plank’s baseball card is known to be very rare and valuable at the same time.