#9.  Joe Jackson: 1910 T210 Red Border Old Mill Cigarettes Edition–$199,750

Top Ten Most Expensive Baseball Cards - jackson

Joseph Jefferson Jackson also known as “Shoeless Joe” played baseball in the early twentieth century. His professional career began in the year 1908 with the Philadelphia athletics team. Thereafter he joined the Cleveland Naps in the year 1911.

Finally, Jackson joined the Chicago White Sox and played for them until 1920. He passed away in the year 1951. His baseball cards value at just close to $200,000 and are one of the most expensive baseball cards.

#8.  Joe Jackson: 1914 Boston Garter–$204,000

Joe Jackson - valuable baseball card

Joe has another take in the top 10 baseball cards collection with the Boston Garter card in 1941. The name “Shoeless Joe” was given to him due to him gaining blistered feet in a game in South Carolina.

He, therefore, stepped up the plate with no shoes on. Joe has been alleged of accusations which he claimed to be false until his death in 1951. Joe’s Boston Garter baseball card collection is valued at $204,000 at present.

#7.  Honus Wagner: 1910 Standard Caramel–$219,000

Honus Wagner - most expensive baseball card

Johannes Peter “Honus” Wagner is known to be one of the greatest shortstop ever in the game of baseball. He played almost exclusively for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1897 to 1917 with a total of 21 seasons in Major League Baseball.

Wagner was more commonly known as “The Flying Dutchman” due to his excellent speed and accuracy when playing the game. Wagner has achieved many rewards in the game of baseball including a total of eight batting titles. His baseball cards collection values at $219,000.