#3.  Joe Doyle: T206 1910 Piedmont Cigarettes–$329,000

Joe Doyle - top 10 most valuable baseball cards

Joe Doyle is not known to be the incredible player with many unbeatable records during his career of five seasons at the New York Highlanders. However, his T206 1910 card has achieved much fame and popularity due to a mistake by the printers as opposed to his own talent.

The card after printing was seen to be depicting a member of the N.Y Nat’L when Joe was a member of the American League. Joe’s baseball cards collection values at approximately $329,000, ranking third amongst the most expensive baseball cards.

#2.  Babe Ruth Baltimore News: 1914–$517,000

Babe Ruth - Most Expensive Baseball Card

Babe Ruth is a popular baseball player and is known to be one of the greatest sporting heroes in American Culture. He is also considered to one of the greatest baseball players ever. Ruth played in Major League Baseball for a total of twenty-two seasons from 1914 to 1935.

He made 714 career home runs known to be a record at the time. Babe Ruth was elected as one the first five inaugural members of the Baseball Hall of Fame in the year 1936. His baseball cards collection values at around $517,000, which is definitely ranked one amongst the most expensive baseball cards.

#1.  Honus Wagner: T206 1909-1911 – $2,800,000

Most Expensive Baseball Card - Honus Wagner card

The Flying Dutchman, Honus Wagner, makes a second appearance in this list of top 10 most expensive baseball cards ever sold by topping the list this time around. Wagner disliked the fact that his name was used on cigarette packets due to it being used by the American Tobacco company.

As a result of his objections only 200 such cards were ever produced and only about 50 cards are known to have survived to the present day. His T206 cards collection stands at a value of approximately $2,800,000.

So these are the top 10 most expensive baseball cards to have ever sold in the history of the game. Do you know of any other baseball cards that are known to have survived until today? Do let us know by leaving your comments on the same below.