Soccer as a sport doesn’t really need too many equipment, it’s relatively inexpensive to get into. However, if you’re someone who’s into Pro Soccer or even playing Soccer seriously, like on College teams or Professional Teams, then you do need to spend some good money. Spending money on the right, or sometimes, some of the most expensive soccer cleats, will give you that advantage over other players and help you optimize your performance.

Great cleats provide several advantages but to avail of them you need to be better acquainted with the different parts of a Cleat and their functions. For example, the Upper is helpful in giving you a feel for the ball and is the part with which you kick, so it needs to be padded to prevent injuries and made of rubber for control. The Midsole adds stability. The Insole is used simply for comfort by entry users, but it’s actually also used for absorbing shocks. The Outsole and the type of Stud you use help you gain traction out on the field on different terrains. Finally, the Heel Counter provides greater speed if you choose the right one and also absorbs impact.

These are some of the basic details about the different parts of your Cleat based on which you should make your decisions, as some of the most expensive soccer cleats can ruin all your wealth!

10 Most Expensive Soccer Cleats

Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive soccer cleats out there.

#1.  Nike Mercurial Super Fly IV CR7 FG-$300

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These were originally fashioned to be worn by Christians Ronaldo, and come with a flame like design around the sides which makes it an attractive buy.

It is equipped with the NIKESKIN technology which makes it an extremely light pair almost as if one were barefoot, thus allowing better control and stability of the ball. These cost almost $300.