#9.  Ty Cobb, Baseball, 1911 General Baking Co. $272,980

ty_cobb_card-most valuable sports cards

He is a major name in Baseball, having played professionally for a total of 22 seasons, most of it with the Detroit Tigers. He was an outfielder and a legend at that, although he is also regarded for his dynamic styles and positions.

From 1921 to 1926 he was both Manager and Player for the Detroit Tigers. Though his career started at 1905 with a lot of promise, he wasn’t featured on a card until 1911.

#8.  Lou Gehrig, Baseball, 1933 Goudey $274,950

lou-gehrig -most valuable sports cards

The card featuring him was minted in 1933 and was a PSA Gem Mint 10. Gehrig was an iron Man, having played 2130 games without ever missing a single one.

However, his career came to an abrupt halt in 1939 when he was taken down by the disease which came to be named after him.

#7.  Mickey Mantle, Baseball, 1952 Topps $282,587

mickey - expensive sports cards

Mickey Mantle went pro at the year 1951, and the first card featuring him was made the successive year, which continues to be one of the most expensive sports cards to date.

This was a Topps Baseball Card which adds to its value because of its fascinating backstory wherein a crate full of Topps cards landed up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean following an accident. This makes the card extremely rare, and gives it history, over and above the personality of the player represented.