#6.  Joe Doyle, Baseball, 1909-1911 ATC T206 $329,000

joedoyle -expensive sports cards

This is a fascinating card because the player represented in it doesn’t have a fascinating history or fame and celebrity. In fact, Joe Doyle is mostly known only in hobbyist circles. He only played 5 years and thus never made it to the Hall of Fame.

The value of the card actually has nothing to do with the player but the card itself, which is an anomaly, an ‘error’, because at the bottom of the card it says “N.Y. Nat’l” although he was never a member of the National League.

#5.  Hank Aaron, Baseball, 1954 Topps $357,000

hankaaron-expensive sports cards

He is one of the most famous power hitters in the history of Baseball. He broke the record in 1974 with 715 Home Runs and then beat his own record with 755 later.

This latter record stood undefeated for 33 years until it was topped by Barry Bonds recently in 2007. This is a PSA 10 GEM Mint Condition card.

#4.  Eddie Plank , Baseball, 1909-1911 ATC T206 $414,750

eddieplank-expensive sports cards

He played for the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901 to 1914 and was one of the premiere pitchers for them during his time.

This card is now held by the Baseball Hall of Fame, where it stands on loan from the Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick.