#3.  Roberto Clemente , Baseball, 1955 Topps $432,690

roberto-clemente-rookie-card-expensive sports cards

He was known for his home runs and he was a great right fielder playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1955 till 1972 when he died at a young age at the peak of his career.

He scored over 3000 hits throughout his career and led his team to the World Series Title in 1971. This card was sold at $432,690 in the year 2012 as part of the Dmitri Young Collection.

#2.  Babe Ruth, 1914 Baseball Card $517,000

babe-ruth-expensive sports cardsThe most popular and famous player in all of American Sports History, he came with a lot of beloved nicknames such as the Great Bambino and the Sultan of Swat.

Only 10 of his cards are still in existence, out of which only one of them is in decent condition, which is the reason for its incredible price of over half a million dollars.

#1.  Honus Wagner, 1909-1911 ATC T206—$2.8 million

most valuable sports cards - wagner The T206 card of Honus Wagner is the most valuable by a long shot. Honus comes from the dead-ball era and is widely considered to have been the best player in all of history, and only 50 to 200 of his cards were ever released.

He played from 1897 to around 1917, a period of 2 decades. From 1933 to 1951 he was the coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The T206 baseball card made by the American Tobacco Company is the most expensive sports cards owing to its rarity and the status of the player represented.

So these are some of the most valuable sports cards in the world right now. Do let us know down in the comments section what you think of the most valuable sports cards. Can you imagine yourself ever paying so much for trading cards? Or if not so much, have you ever found yourself paying a high price for any trading card? If you think we neglected to mention some other trading card that is also one amongst the most valuable sports cards, do let us know, we’d love to hear from you.