Humans have hopes and dreams, it’s no secret we all want to make it big, whatever type of work we are doing we always want to be better at it in order to get paid better and have some luxury in our lives. Some people achieve this by excelling at sports like basketball. Being a superstar athlete in the NBA has its perks, not only health wise but wealth wise. And what about the coaches behind those superstars? Well, let me tell you, extraordinary teams win thanks to extraordinary coaches and extraordinary coaches get paid extraordinary NBA coach salaries.

So you can understand why I put emphasis on the extraordinary part of these salaries. Before I list the highest paid coaches, I present you one of the lowest paid NBA coach salary:

David Fizdale-$10.2 million

Lowest NBA coach salary - David Fizdale

The head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies since 2016 and at least until 2019-2020, though he has served as assistant coach to a number of teams, San Diego, Fresno State, Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat. He has even coached the ‘’Team Shaq’’ back on 2013 for the Rising Stars Challenge during the NBA All-Star Weekend. His salary for his latest 3 to 4 years contract is $10.2 million dollars, yet this is reported to be one of the lowest paid NBA coaches salary.

So, yeah, no wonder David is happy, right? One of the lowest paid coaches in the NBA. Kind of gives me about 10.2 million reasons to have chosen a different career now that I think about it, and hold on to your seat because it’s only going higher from here, much higher.