4. Rick Carlisle-$35 million

Rick Carlisle - NBA coach salaries

Drafted by the Boston Celtics on 1984 he started his professional career and he stayed there 3 years when he got into the Albany Patroons. On the same year, he got into the New York Knicks and stayed there until 1988 where he got recruited for the New Jersey Nets. His coaching career started right there in the New Jersey Nets as an assistant on 1989 and lasted there until 1994.

He went on to being an assistant coach on the Portland Trail Blazers and on the Indiana Pacers on 1997 where he helped the team get their two best seasons at the time. In 2000 he left and went on to the Detroit Pistons on 2001, in 2002 he won the coach of the year award as head coach, then on 2003, he went back to the Indiana Pacers, only this time as a head coach. He lasted there until 2007, on 2008 he was recruited by the Dallas Mavericks and he is still there with an NBA coach salaries worth $35 million dollars for five years and he is still going to be with the team at least until 2021.

3. Tom Thibodeau-$40 million

Tom Thibodeau - Highest NBA coach salaries

He has many team names under his belt, most as an assistant, but nevertheless quite important. His career started on 1981 with Salem State as an assistant, later on, 1984 he found himself being the head coach of the same team. Only if it was for 1 year, on 1985 he was recruited by Harvard as an assistant and he stayed there for 4 years and move on to Minnesota Timberwolves as an assistant coach.

Tom also served on San Antonio Spurs, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets as an assistant coach in all of them. Finally he was able to be head coach again, only this time it was an associate head coach on the Boston Celtics, but it was only until 2010 when he went off to the Chicago Bulls as head coach until 2015, on 2016 he was recruited for the Minnesota Timberwolves for which he currently is the head coach and the contract he has with the team is for 5 years with one of the highest NBA coach salaries. It is worth $40 million dollars.