A referee presides over NFL games. He is the ultimate authority for interpretation of rules in a game. The main motive of NFL referee is to ensure the safety of strikers and the free flow of the game and also adopting fairness on the course of his officiating. Experience and tenure are said to be two of the factors determining NFL referee salary. There are also numerous positions on the team. Among the positions are an umpire, who takes responsibility for the defensive and offensive line for illegal blocks, the head linesman, back judge, line judge, center judge, side judge and the referee who is in control and has the final say on any rulings during the match.

How much does NFL referee make? The NFL referee salary rates differ according to positions; the referee and the umpire take the highest paid positions while the center judge and the head linesman make up for the lowest paid of all the positions. As the NFL referees union strikes to upsurge the demanding budget of their salaries. So according to the NFL, they provide the union referees with a pay rise from $149,000 a year in 2011 to $173,000 in 2013 and it will be raised up to $205,000 in by 2019. However, some referees in the game take home the hefty amount of pay after a game albeit their wealth of experiences also counts.

Top 10 NFL Referee Salary

1. Walt Coleman-$205,000

Walt Coleman - Top 10 NFL Referee Salary

Walt Coleman is regarded as the most experienced NFL referee with an enormous 28 years of experience in the NFL to his name. Owing to this, he serves as referee official and he heads his own team of officials. Walt Coleman collects $3,000 per game. This NFL referee salary comes to around $205,000 per year, which is the highest salary for a referee in NFL.

He makes around $50,000 in the whole of NFL season and the remaining $155,000 is paid to him in other months of the year.