You’ve probably heard the term “Matched Betting” but do you know what is really means and why you should be familiar with it? No risk matched betting technique is the best way to convert online bonuses into tax-free cash. And here we are going to tell you all about it.

Matched Betting Guide – Getting Started

No Risk Matched Betting

Matched Betting is NOT gambling! It is a simple and risk-free technique that takes advantage of bookmakers free bet, offers and promotions to make a guaranteed profit.

The technique is based on the application of mathematical equation rather than chance which means the risk is very low. This is done by placing risk-free bets and cover all outcomes in a betting event.

All the bookmarkers or bookie run promotional offers especially during big sporting events to attracting a new customer to come and place bets or encourage an existing customer to have another bet with them.

Below is an example of a basic offer:

“Bet £25 with us and we’ll give you a £25 free bet”

I know if you are beginner then above definition makes things complicated. But don’t worry here I try to describe it in a way that you can understand easily.

How Does It Work?

Now we know about what is matched betting, So let’s get into how it works. To understand how it works you don’t need to know a betting terminology. You need to learn basic topics in order to achieve long-term profits.

Essentially there are two types of bet available in matched betting and is explained below.

1. A back bet

This is a bet that something will happen. This type of bet placed at the bookmaker like William Hill, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, etc.

For example “I bet India will win the world cup” is a back bet. If it comes true then you will win the bet. But if India loses world cup, you would lose your bet and money placed on it.

2. A lay bet

This is a bet against something comes true and exact opposite to a back bet. This type of bet placed at a betting exchange like Betfair.

For example “I bet that India won’t win the world cup” is a lay bet because if they lose, you win the bet and money.

Matched Betting Risks

Matched betting is very easy to understand and anyone can do it. If you search on Google about matched betting risk or in theory, you can find there is no risk involved in matched betting.

However, the risk can come when mistakes are made by us -like placing a bet before understanding what to do. So one must check everything before placing a bet and follow the given steps exactly.

No Risk Matched Betting

As you know matched betting based on placing a back bet and lay bet. By placing two opposite bets on the same event which eliminates the risk of losing money is called back and lay betting. By doing this you also qualify for free bets and bonus from the bookmaker.

Simply follow this 4 steps guide to win with no risk matched betting and make money.

Step 1: Sign up for a bookmaker like William Hill, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, etc and make your first deposit to get bonus bet.

Step 2: Now sign up for a betting exchange like Betfair and place your first opposing bet to cancel out the bet with the bookmaker. Making sure we don’t lose our deposit no matter the outcome.

Step 3: For example, if we deposit £50 in bookmaker and place our first bet. Now go to Betfair and lay a bit that the opposite outcome will happen. That’s it the two bets cancel each other. You will get your first deposit amount £50 back and the bonus bet.

Step 4: Repeat the same process for every bookmaker to make lots of risk-free money just by turning their bonus amount into risk-free cash.

Matched betting is really that simple!

Matched Betting Without Free Bets

The aim of matched betting for new customers is to take advantage of free bets in order to make risk free guaranteed profit. But what after you claim free bet and bonus amount.

Can you do matched betting without free bet? Well, there are two reasons for matched betting without free bets.

  • You are looking for some other ways to earn money with matched betting
  • You have been gubbed from bookmaker account

Below you can find different ways to earn money from matched betting without a free bet.

Casino Offers:

You can take part in no deposit offer and earn money without using real money. These offers are completely risk-free but you are not always guaranteed a profit.

Bingo Offer:

You can also take part in bingo offer if you no longer have access to free bets. You can easily convert bingo offers into a few hundred pounds profit.

Extra Place Offer:

Extra place involves horse racing offers. It takes some time to understand how they work but once you know basics you can easily earn money from extra place offer in the right way.

Best Matched Betting Automatcher

Matched betting automatcher provides the best bet to place in the blink of an eye. To generate more profit you must need to find bets at similar odds with betting exchanges and bookmakers.

Odds Matcher is the search tool that uses a live odds feed to compare and display priced with different bookmakers and betting exchanges. It displays bookmaker, exchange, event, lay odds, back odds, date and amount of liquidity available in exchange.

The Best Matched Betting Websites

Best Matched Betting Websites

Here are few of the best websites that you can look out for successful listings and betting offers:

  1. OddsMonkey: With £15 a month you get the best offers, promotions and tutorials on betting.
  2. Profit Accumulator: With a cost of £17.99 per month, it is one of the best service available in the matched betting field.
  3. Matched BetsWith £14 a month it is one of the newest service available on the market.

Matched Betting Record Keeping

A successful businessman always records total profit of the day at the end of that day. So it’s very useful to track and record your profit and your bookmaker balance at the end of the day in order to ensure it is No Risk matched betting.

Below you can find a list of essential information you need to track

  • The money you start with
  • The balance of the matched betting bank account
  • The balance of every bookmaker
  • Balance at each exchange you use
  • Active and settled bets
  • Finally your profit

As you know setting up your own spreadsheet is a very time-consuming process. But you can also use existing matched betting spreadsheet available on the internet.

Final Words

I hope guys this article helped you to understand the no risk-matched betting technique and how profitable it can be. If you have any question then feel free to comment below.