People often wonder if athletes are paid too much. Of course, whether you agree with that assessment or not is totally up to you, however, it is definitely true that to achieve that they certainly have to put in all the effort and practice. Sports stars like the richest NBA players can often be some of the most highly paid people in the world. They earn huge chunks of money in terms of prize money, sponsorship deals, advertisements, social appearances and of course their paycheck.

The NBA is probably the most lucrative of all the other sporting associations out there. It’s world famous thanks to its inclusive to people from all backgrounds and nationalities. And this openness definitely amounts to its incredible popularity around the globe, which in turn enhances the status of their players as well. This, in turn, shoots them up to being filthy rich filthy fast, leading to the richest basketball players being the richest sports stars in the world indeed.

10 Richest NBA Players In The World

Here’s a list of the top 10 richest NBA players in the world, based on Net Worth.

#10. Carmelo Anthony—$90 million

Richest NBA Players - Carmelo Anthony

He currently plays for the New York Knicks and has amassed a total career earning of $135,865,275. I don’t even know how much those figures add to, I just know there are several digits too many out there.

Born in 1984, Red Hook, New York, he is a 5 time NBA All-Star, and Olympian, having competed for his country in the prestigious games 3 years in a row, that is, 2004, 2008 and 2012.